FAQ about our service

Followings are some questions we were asked frequently and our answers.

Q: Can you book a hotel and a ticket for us?

A: Yes, as a licensed travel agency, we make any booking service for the tourists. We can also book Japanese style Ryokan instead of western style hotel. Give us your requests.

Q: Can you arrange a tour with a car but without guide?

A: It depends on the conditions of bus or taxi companies. Some taxi companies have English speaking driver. But most of the bus companies require at least one person who speaks Japanese for the assurance of safety trip.

Q: Can you assign a female (or a male) guide for us?

A: Please make request. In the case of English guides, it is relatively easy to make such arrangement. However, in the case of other languages such as French and Chinese, the number of the licensed guides is still limited, and such arrangement might not be possible.

Q: Can you pick us up at our hotel?

A: Regarding private guided tours, yes, our guides pick you up at the reception of your hotel.

Q: Can you make travel related quotations?

Yes, making quotations are free of charge.

If you still have some questions, please contact us.