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Fun Trip Japan
Experiece the difference by our guided private trips in Japan!!
♦New (2024.4.8)   For small groups
Takayama & Shirakawago from Kyoto/Osaka in one day by Toyota Estima (max capacity 6 guests)

Shirakawago(the world heritage)

Fun Trip Japan is a licensed travel agent located at Gifu prefecture in Japan. Mainly our business is customizing private guided tours based on your requests, specializing in Chubu(Central) region and Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Southern Hokkaido (Sapporo/Hakodate). 

Our team of guides are all local people, and we propose to take you to not only places that you can find in guide books but also places not known to even most of Japanese people. That is the advantage of local guides. Currently guides are available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Our professional guides offer friendly, efficient service which meet beyond your needs. When you don’t need guides, we are pleased to help you arrange some travel matters like accommodations, transportations, meals and whatever you need. Why don’t you have fun trip in Japan with us?






Features of our services

Our customers are supposed to be
-Visitors to Japan from all over the world
-Individuals or Travel Agent

We offer
-Private guided trips(from one day)
-Customized group tours
-Guide service (goverment licensed guide)
-Tour related arrangement

We are
-Licensed Travel agency run by professional guides.
(All of our guides are certified by Japanese goverment.)
-Fun Trip Japan (Service name)
-Fun Lead International Co., Ltd (Company name)

Destination & Interest

Where is your destination and what is your interest?
Refer to our fun trip selections.

Would you like popular sightseeing or cultural experience?
Let me be your help for your fun in Japan.
Please refer to our tour categories.Any questions from you are welcome! 


[Takayama & Shirakawago] [Tokyo]
[Around Tokyo]
[Around Kyoto]
[Chubu(Central) Region in Japan] [Hokkaido (Sapporo & Hakodate)]


Group Tours

[Group Tours Arrangement]

As a licensed travel agent, we are also dealing with group tours for large groups. To enjoy more comfortable and smooth tour, we offer you total tour pacage include accommodations, transportations, meals and so on. Please contact us for the arrangement.

[Large size bus]
The number of the seats in this bus is 49. With wide space of bus trunk,  we can keep many luggages as you move.
We also offer medium size and small size bus accoding to your group size.
Let’s have fun in Japan with our experienced licensed tour guides.


-1 week gourmet tour from Indonesia (Tokyo, Hakone, Mt.Fuji, Kyoto)

-4 days Company trip from Malaysia (Nagoya, Takayama, Ise-jingu, Osaka)

-3 days historical places visit from U.S. (Nagoya, Kyoto, Hiroshima)

-5 days  around Central Japan trip from HK (Nagoya, Fukui, Kanzawa, Gero, Takayama, Shirakawago, Nagoya)


[Example of our arrangement]
For foreign group tourists, we arranged table set on Japanese Tatami mat. They enjoyed Japanese Enkai(Dinner banquet party).
This service was offered in Takayama’s Japanese Onsen Ryokan [Hanaougi/高山花扇].


Mode of payment
Payment can be made by online credit card payment system. We accept VISA or MASTER.
Customers may pay the part of amount as a deposit to secure the reservation. Basically customers are requested to pay all amount prior to the day of the tour.

Fun Lead International Co., Ltd. (travel agency registered in Gifu Prefecture)

Private Transportation

We arrange a charter car for you!!

In Japan, we are not allowed to use an unlicensed taxi or bus. It is an illegal action called “Shirotaku”-literally use a white license plate as a taxi. Please keep away from the unlicensed ones for your safety.Licensed car has a green plate without exceptions.

As a licensed travel agency, we arrange a legal car according to your request. We will safely and smoothly get you to your destination.

【Available car category]
Regular sedan taxi ===  For the 2-4pax
Jumbo taxi (Toyota Alphard) === For the 4-6 pax
Jumbo taxi (Toyota Hiace) ==== For the 6-9 pax
Mini bus ====   For the 9-18 pax
Medium sized bus === For the 15-24 pax
Big sized bus =====    For the 20-45 pax

Please feel free to fill in the form to contact

Guide Arrangement

For your fun trip in Japan, how about hiring our guide.

Our team of guides are all professional who are very proud to be your guide. We are pleased to take you to not only places that you can find in guide books but also places not known to even most of Japanese people.

Currently guides are available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

According to your request and budget, we offer 3 kinds of guide.

1) English speaking tour conductor
With a tour escort license issued by Japanese law. Not have an interpreter guide license. Can communicate in English and take you to your destination without problem.Some bus comapnay requested at least one Japanese speaker in a bus, in this case you should hire this English speaking tour conductor.
Their job is tour escort and simple guiding.

2) Interpreter licensed guide
With a tour-guiding certificate issued by Japanese law. If you desire deep knowledge of Japanese history, culture and custom etc , please request a interpreter licensed guide. The ability of language skill is higher than ES tour couductor mentioned above.

3) Interpreter licensed guide for VIP
Well experienced for VIP tour, quite highly qualified guide. When you take care of your VIP customer, please request guide for VIP!
So far this VIP guide is available only in English.

    Guide fee is from here