We arrange a charter car for you!!

In Japan, we are not allowed to use an unlicensed taxi or bus. It is an illegal action called "Shirotaku"-literally use a white license plate as a taxi. Please keep away from the unlicensed ones for your safety.Licensed car has a green plate without exceptions.

As a licensed travel agency, we arrange a legal car according to your request. We will safely and smoothly get you to your destination.

【Available car category]
Regular sedan taxi ===  For the 2-4pax
Jumbo taxi (Toyota Alphard) === For the 4-6 pax
Jumbo taxi (Toyota Hiace) ==== For the 6-9 pax
Mini bus ====   For the 9-18 pax
Medium sized bus === For the 15-24 pax
Big sized bus =====    For the 20-45 pax

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