Fun Trip Japan is specialist in Japan inbound tour!
We lead Japan's [FUN] to people of the world.
We connect people and culture between Japan and the world.
Enrich the mind of people and contribute to the world peace.
Let us be your travel guide!!


Fun Trip Japan is presented by Fun Lead Int'l Co., Ltd which is a  licensed travel agency located in Gifu prefecture in Japan.
Our company has staffs who hold interpreter guide license certified byJapanese goverment.
Our logomark indicates Japanese characeter 「人」which means human and an initial of [International] -[i] by cursive script.
We are living together and supporting each other!

Company Name Fun Lead International Co.,Ltd
Service Name Fun Trip Japan
Head Office 782-1 Hozumi, Mizuho-city, Gifu Pref, Japan (Postal Code 501-0223)
Tel +81-58-227-2134
Fax +81-58-377-2428
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CEO Naomichi Takagi
Capital ¥4,000,000-
Date of Foundation October 20. 2011
(Original Company was established in 2000)
License Number Travel agency license No.Gifu Pref 3-322 (Member of All Nippon TravelAgents Association)
National Guide Certificate:EN00084 certified by Governor of Gifu Pref
Main Business Inbound Tour Operating, Interpreter Guide Arrange, Inbound Consulting Services
Main Bank Mitsubishi UFJ bank

With my son

Naomichi Takagi

The founder of Fun Lead International Co., Ltd
National Certified Interpreter Guide (English)
Certified Travel Serivice Manager
Chief Travel Conductor

In 1988, after graduating university I started my job carrier at the biggest travel agency in Japan.3 years later I went to Toronto (Canada) to improve my English skill and to identify myself.

At that time foreign countries were very attactive to me and living Canada was very exciting .At the same time I realised Japan has many good points which I could't see when I was in Japan.

Coming back to Japan, time flied, I established my own travel company in 2000.
There was a big earthquake in Japan in 2011, about 20,000 people sacrificed tragically.A lot of foreingners went away from Japan but also there were some international aids.This incident reminded me of treasure of human links.I decided to devote the rest of my life to connect Japan and the world,remembering Japan has good points I felt in Canada.

Afer I took National Guide Certification,I started Japan inbound tourism business in 2015.

I think life must be fun. Japan has a lot of fun for everyone.I woud like to lead Japan's fun to people of the world and contribute to the world peace.
To make people happy, I will Keep movign forward.