We offer private Shirakawago day trip from Kyoto/Osaka for small groups. (up to 6guests)

Gifu Hashima station

Do you like to visit the world heritage  Shirakawago from Osaka or Kyoto in one day? If you use bullet train(Shinkansen) from Osaka/Kyoto, it is possible. We provide you a private guided trip for you. If you are interested in visiting Shirakawago in a day, please contact us.

Shirakawago Observatory

We provide private vehicle & English-speaking guide.

Toyota Estima

Middle Seat (Child seat available)

Rear Seat

A route from Osaka/Kyoto to Shirakawago is taking Shinkansen bullet train from Shin-Osaka or Kyoto Station to Gifu-Hashima Station, and then take a 7.5-hour Shirakawago tour by a mini van(Toyota Estima). This plan is recommended for a group of 2-6 pax. Shinkansen return ticket fare from Osaka is about 11.800 yen, from Kyoto about 10.480 yen. (adult, low season price) for a reserved seat. Please note that Shinkansen Nozomi does not stop at Gifu-Hasima Station. So, you have to choose Hikari or Kodama. If you have JR Pass, you can take Hikari or Kodama without a charge.

Our car (Toyota Estima) has a capacity of up to 6 guests. If you are 4 or less, you can sit comfortably. If there are five or six of you, it is a bit cramped since three people sit in a row. We prepare child safety seats if you are with children. If your group is 7 or larger, then we find a larger car with a professional driver. Please inquire.


Suggested train Kodama 708
Shin-Osaka Station(7:54) == Kyoto Station(8:10) == Gifu-Hashima Station(8:46) 

09:00             Meet with our guide at Gifu-Hashima station.
11:30-14:00   Visit Shirakawa-go Village. Take lunch on your own (Lunch arrange available)
16:30               Arrive at Gifu-Hashima station
Go back to Osaka/Kyoto by Shinkansen

Suggested train Kodama 731
Gifu-Hashima Station(16:58) == Kyoto Station(17:34) == Shin-Osaka Station(17:51) 

Price of the tour is fixed at 95,000 yen (using Toyota Estima) including 2 English speaking guides (take turns driving and guiding), fuel, highway tolls, parking fees, and tax.
Car and guide service start/terminate at Gifu-Hashima station.
Shinkansen fare, meals and entrance fees are NOT included, though it can be arranged accoding to your requet.

If you need special arrangements, please ask us.

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Availability and Seasonality
This tour is only available for one group per day. Some days this may not be carried out as the guides have other programs.
Please ask the availability first.
This tour is available from March through November. In winter we may operate if there is no snow on the road.
If you are interested in this tour, please contact us using the link below.



Introduction of Shirakawago

Shirakawago lies in the heart of Japan’s mountainous Gifu Prefecture. This village is famous for its traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses. These houses have steep thatched roofs designed to withstand heavy snowfall. Shirakawago is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It offers a glimpse into Japan’s rural past.

Historical Significance

The history of Shirakawa-go dates back over 250 years. The village’s unique architecture evolved from the need to survive harsh winters. The design of the gassho-zukuri houses allows snow to slide off easily, preventing damage. These houses also feature large attics used for silkworm cultivation, contributing to the local economy in the past.

What to See and Do

Visitors to Shirakawago can explore open-air museums and preserved houses. The most notable is the Wada House, the largest gassho-zukuri farmhouse in the village. Inside, you can see traditional furnishings and tools. In here, guests can feel Japanese traditional way of life.

Seasonal Beauty

Shirakawago is stunning year-round. In spring, cherry blossoms add a splash of color. Summer brings lush greenery. Fall covers the landscape in vibrant hues. Winter turns the village into a snowy wonderland. The illumination event in winter is particularly magical, drawing visitors from around the world.

Mode of payment

Payment can be made by online credit card payment system. We accept VISA/MASTER/JCB/AMEX. Customer may pay the part of amount as a deposit to secure the reservation. Basically customers are requested to pay all amount prior to the day of the tour.

Customize tour for you

Above itinerary and price are just an example. You can customize your tour for your particular needs and interests. You can stay overnight at an onsen (hot spa) ryokan(Japanese inn) in Takayama . Please tell us your needs and interests. We can provide you with a customized itinerary and quotation.

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