Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is very important to us. It is one of our top priorities to always protect our customers’ personal information.

1. We possess personal information collected from our customers such as name, address, passport number, etc. We collect the personal information solely for the purpose of providing the Services and be handled in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.

2. We use personal information collected from customers as reasonably required to contact customers as well as to provide travel related services such as reservations of transportation and accommodations. We, from time to time, use personal information to send you our service information and to ask for questionnaires.

3. If you would like to gain access to, delete, revise or prevent the use of your personal information that is possessed by us, please contact us. We will deal promptly with requests in compliance with relevant Japanese laws and our corporate policy.

4. All credit card payment transactions in relation to the Services shall be made via the Veritran payment system. Therefore, we have no rights to access to the Customer’s credit card information. The Customer is advised to directly contact your credit card company for further detailed information of the payment system.