Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Fun Lead International Co., Ltd. sets the cancellation policy in relation to the tour arrange services called the “Fun Trip Japan”. The Customer is considered to have agreed to the following conditions by concluding the contract of the Services.

1.Cancellation made by the Customer
A cancellation of a custom ordered tour is subject to the following charges.

Date of cancellation request Cancellation Charges
31 or more days prior to the first day of travel No cancellation charge
30-15 days prior to the first day of travel 20% of the total travel cost
14-3 days prior to the first day of travel 30% of the total travel cost
2-1 days prior to the first day of travel 50% of the total travel cost
The first day of travel and no-show 100% of the total travel cost

– The Japanese standard time (GMT + 9:00) is applied to all the times indicated in this Website in relation to the Services.
– In case of cancellation after the payment, the amount deducting cancellation charges will be returned. 

2.Emergency Cancellation
In the event that any of the following situation occurs, for which neither the Customer nor we are responsible for, before the tour conducted under the Services starts, the tour will be suspended. In such case, no cancellation charge will be applied and tour fee paid in advance will be returned.
When bad weather is expected on the day of tour. For example, when warnings (storm, heavy rain, flood, heavy snow) are issued or expected to be issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency.
 2.When a natural disaster (earthquake, flood, or similar disaster), which could affect the tour, occurs.
 3.When operation of transportation, which is planned to be used, is expected to be hindered due to a traffic accident or similar facts.
 4.When the Registered Guide suddenly becomes ill or injured, and operation of the tour is difficult.

3. Suspension during the tour due to emergency situation
In the event that any of the emergency situations as described above occurs, and the tour needs to be suspended in the middle of the schedule, the tour fee will not be returned.

4. Loss or Damage due to Suspension of the Tour
We assume no responsibility and do not compensate for any loss or damage due to suspension regardless of the reason of suspension.